2 In 1 UV Toothbrush Sterilizer and Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

2 In 1 UV Toothbrush Sterilizer and Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

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Do you start your day by brushing your teeth? Is that toothbrush clean and sanitized? Would you prefer that it is clean and sanitized? 


If yes, then this wall mounted toothbrush sterilizer is for you!


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Most people settle for a cabinet or a basic toothbrush holder but the bathroom is the dirtiest room in the house! Without being proactive you are just putting germs in your mouth every time you brush! 

Also do you have that person in your family that never closes the toothpaste...what a mess.

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With our patented toothbrush sterilizer and toothpaste dispenser, you get the pristine clean toothbrush your mouth will thank you for and no mess from squeezing your toothpaste out, it's AUTOMATIC. This simple and elegant solution even makes your bathroom look better and more organized!

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Ultraviolet rays kill bacteria on the toothbrush effectively, keeping your teeth germ free, and helping to maintain overall oral health care.

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